How adaptability helped me write this post

I had a plan…to write a particular post this week. This plan wasn’t just about writing a specific post, but is rooted from landing on the #Passions part of my BALANCE Board in which I made my intentional action to prioritize my writing a little more this week. Unfortunately my day job has bled over into my moonlight job of writing, making it a little challenging to follow through with my original plan. Not just in the sense of having the time to write, but also having the energy and creativity at the end of those long days to translate my thoughts and emotions into the English language in a way that says what I mean.

So here we are…it’s Friday and I am running out of time to make that one post happen. I’m actually quite excited to share, but I wouldn’t have been happy with my post this week had it been forced. But I still have set the intention for myself to prioritize one of my passions, writing, this week which made me realize just because there is a hole in my original plan, it doesn’t mean it has to sink my entire ship.

Throughout the process of not writing as planned, I realized four simple truths that helped me write, maybe not as planned, but in a way that fulfilled my original intention which I feel can be applied to anything in life:

  1. Have a plan. It gives us a purpose, sense of direction and an overall baseline for how to correct when the reality of life gets in the way of our idealistic plan.
  2. Don’t forget the objective of your plan. A plan is one way to achieve an objective based on a variety of factors and sometimes even scarce resources. It’s important to remember our original plan is not the only way to achieve what we set out to do.
  3. Adapt. Just like we adapt our strategy to win a game based on how the cards are dealt or another player makes their moves, we must adapt our plan to the new conditions created by whatever life throws in our way. Our end goal does not have to change, just how we get there.
  4. Rinse and Repeat. Just like us, life has its own plan, but it doesn’t mean ours has to go out the window. You can’t control everything, but you can control these things and tame the unpredictability of life with these simple steps.

My intention, or goal, was to write this week. This may sound easy to some, but given everything else going on, I knew this would be a true challenge and impossible if I didn’t have a plan to make it a priority. As the week began to unravel and the opportunities to write my intended post seemed to pass, I realized I did not have to write what I planned to achieve my objective…I just had to write. So here I am writing in the morning instead of my usual time in the evening and writing about anything except my original idea, but I did it, and most importantly, I feel satisfaction not by the way I executed my plan, but by the fact I achieved my goal.

One of these days I will get my originally planned post up here, but you’ll just have to stop by again.

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