Getting Robbed

I got Robbed last weekend. Let me explain…

I don’t know exactly how it started, but my boyfriend and I now have a saying for when we go to church… “Let’s get Robbed”. I don’t think we have ever truly defined this phrase. I’m not sure we have ever felt the need to because we both know what we mean each time we say it. But in an attempt to put words to it, the phrase is all encompassing of the power of God’s work being done and the overwhelming feeling we leave with after attending a service at our church and hearing his message through our Pastor, Rob…something that is hard to put into words.

Now the word “rob” in the English language is something negative…to steal or to take something. But “getting Robbed” in this sense of the word is anything but that. Although the phrase “Let’s get Robbed” started out as a play on Pastor Rob’s name and giving credit to his unique ability to reach the hearts of many, I realized it really does capture the essence of what is happening. That being, when we attend one of his services, we are not the ones being taken from, but instead, the ones taking the word of God from him and with us when we leave, making us all a little more richer and a whole lot closer to God.

Last week’s message was part of a five week series focused on learning where in our life we are waiting for a breakthrough and how to break through those things that hold us back. Rob’s messages are always so simple, yet so loaded and they are always so timely and relevant to what’s weighing my mind from everything going on in my life.

He reminded us it’s easy to feel our best days are behind us, but if you serve a breakthrough God, He has a plan. Even when we seem to have our own breakthroughs and discover something, we are only uncovering something God already knew was there because He created it.

To get to your breakthrough, all you have to do is encounter Jesus and the entire trajectory of your life will change. He became what we deserve so that we can live a life we don’t deserve. Jesus was perfect, yet he paid for all of our sins so we must be open to Jesus and his hope, especially in our areas of weakness, hurt or damage.

True spiritual growth is deciding to do what God tells you to do. He is an active and an engaged God in our lives. You must trust Him. And when you do, you will find your breakthrough. Not just once, but every time you turn to and trust Him.

I will admit, I do not make it to church every Sunday, but I do make a point to go at least once a month. I always look forward to those weekends and a big part of that is Pastor Rob and the way he is able to reach people through his delivery of God’s message.

I can’t wait for the next time I “get Robbed”!

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