This is my Comeback Blog

Hey guys…remember me? It’s been awhile! After a little encouragement and a renewed purpose, I am back from my hiatus and am ready to get back to what I enjoy.

Although I haven’t been actively writing, I have been holding up my other half of my new year’s resolution by spinning my BALANCE Board each week. If you don’t remember what that is, check out my post The BALANCE Board for a refresher.

So each week, I’ve been spinning my BALANCE Board to identify which variable of my BALANCE equation to focus on so that I am intentional in that week while building muscle memory overtime. So how does spinning this board change anything about my life? Well, if I’m being honest, it doesn’t. I am the true catalyst of the change I hope to see, but it helps create mindfulness by being a weekly ritual and it most definitely adds a little fun factor.

So I spin the board…now what? Each week is a little different, but in general, after I spin the board and identify which variable of my BALANCE equation I will be focusing on for the week, I get to brainstorming and most importantly, I get into action. Sometimes I already have an idea for an area I have been sitting on. Other times, I am spending the first half of the week putting time and thought into what I want my intention to be, which in my opinion is equally as important.

So what does all this look like in actuality? I’ll give you a sneak peek into what I call my “BALANCE Bank” where I track what variable I have each week and the one simple action I took. Here’s what I’ve done for the past month…

Week Variable  Action
September 9 Food & Fitness Purchased classes for The CycleBar.
September 17 Passions & Pastimes Began planning my first trip after my work’s busy season is over.
September 24 Relationships Celebrated my boyfriend and I’s three year anniversary with gifts that speak to our Love Languages.
October 1 Career Identified my Area of Destiny using this simple Venn Diagram.
October 8 Adventure Explored BLINK Cincinnati in my very own backyard.

See! It’s nothing mindblowing, but it is so intentional and because it directly relates to my personal BALANCE equation, is has such a BIG impact!

So won’t you join me and make your own comeback? I dare you to be intentional about ONE thing this upcoming week that is a part of your BALANCE equation and after, check back in with yourself to see how you feel. Do you feel excited, fulfilled, relieved, accomplished, motivated, energized? Multiply that by 52 weeks per year and compound that year after year and WOW! …no number can compare to the feeling you just created all from within yourself.

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