Lesson 1: Not All Weeks Are Created Equal

Since my last post of introducing the BALANCE Board, I have spun it three more times and each week I have landed on a different variable…first #Food&Fitness, then #Self and this week I am focusing on #Spirituality. How did I channel my time and energy in these areas of my life? I’m glad you asked…


  • Finally cashed in on my Pure Barre gift card for a new and challenging workout and,
  • Focused on being more mindful of my food choices (it’s much easier when you tell yourself it’s just for a week).


  • Carved out some alone time and didn’t feel guilty about it,
  • Meditated two times and,
  • Turned to my quote cube for some inspiring words (see below for my favorite one from the week).


  • Broke out my church’s “Project 3:45 Daily Bible Reading Plan” and decided to read a chapter a night. The plan maps out how to read the entire New Testament in one year and is based on a study that found it only takes an average of three minutes and forty-five seconds to read a New Testament chapter, and
  • Looked at my schedule and confirmed what weekend I plan to go to church this month.

Now sharing what I did is great and all, but I think sharing what I learned is even better. Four weeks of spinning my BALANCE Boardand what I’ve learned is not all weeks are created equal. Like this week…I have been sick with a virus which has been a total setback and derailed my plan for the week, but the BALANCE Board has made it easier to know what I should prioritize along with the other 101 things I need to do this week (because I can’t do it all) and that is my #Spirtuality.

Nothing I listed above is mind blowing, but it is life changing. Each of my actions were small and incremental, yet intentional and impactful. Our culture has grown accustomed to instant results…I mean who wouldn’t when you can order a burger and fries, be approved for a loan or receive your Amazon purchase in the snap of a finger. But this is different…this is life, which is a journey last time I checked. We all have expectations of what our weeks and years should look like, but I’ve quickly come to realize there will be setbacks and sometimes even changes in our course, so to make sure I make the most of the weeks and years that make up my life, I will need to exercise patience and flexibility on a daily basis so I am able to put together the pieces of the puzzle of each week and see the bigger picture of life.

SPOILER ALERT: Next week, I am headed off to California for a leadership development experience through my employer. It is about self-leadership and all the things I am currently working towards through this blog and my BALANCE Board

Maximize my energy,

Clarify my purpose,

Sharpen my focus, and

Act with intention.

I have been assigned a personal coach for the experience who I met with virtually before, will meet in person at the training, and will meet with virtually again following my time in California. When talking about what this “training” is all about, my BALANCE Board came up and she said I am already one step ahead in what this training is meant to help us work on. She loved this idea so much, that she has asked me to bring my BALANCE Board to share with our small group. As next week will be highly focused on self-leadership and self-discovery, I have already made the executive decision that in place of spinning the board, my focus will naturally be on my #Self so I can fully embrace this once-in-a-lifetime experience. I can’t wait to reflect and share my experience.

Until then, remember…

Cube Quote 1

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