Never Stop Learning…Never Stop Adventuring

  1. an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.

I love #adventure and trying new things, but I quickly BALANCE that out with my planner tendencies and semi-logical thinking. I guess you could call it planned spontaneity. There are times when I like to be impromptu and do things on a whim, but what I like most about #adventure is trying something new. I by no means am a dare devil, nor will I completely neglect my safety or values for a little #adventure, but as much as I like to plan and stay on my course, I look to counter it by being open minded to as many experiences and opportunities as possible.

If you ask my family, I’ve described #adventure to them as “getting out of the box”. Everyone’s box is unique to themselves so getting out of your box is relative to you and can be incremental. Your box might include going to the same neighborhood restaurant every time you go out to dinner, so stepping out of it means checking out a restaurant that is new to you the next time you go out to eat. Maybe your box has never made room for a different type of music because you like what you like. Or maybe your box has had the same hair style for over a decade now and is afraid of changing it up. Whatever your box consists of, you have control of it and the power to fill it with new and exciting things by stepping outside of it and bringing those experiences in.

The first thought that comes to mind when thinking about #adventure is travel. This past Christmas, I got a world map pinboard. After adding the first few pins of my travels, it really put into perspective the small portion of this earth and living population I am in touch with. Travel requires time and money though…so “traveling the world” is much easier said than done. However, I’ve realized it doesn’t always require somewhere far and extravagant to create a little #adventure. It just has to be new and different…and let’s not forget fun! I’m always looking for an opportunity to cross a new place off my list in exchange for expanding my horizons. Last year was filled with a handful of new destinations, both for work and personal pleasure, and I don’t plan on this year being any different.

I’ve come to realize traveling somewhere new is not the only way to find #adventure. You don’t have to go to Timbuktu to step out of your box and have one…you can experience new things right in your own backyard. New people, new places, new activities. I moved to a new city almost two years ago and that was quite an #adventure. Now I like to think of myself as a transplant local and I still haven’t run out of things I want to do and see. Just this past year I did my first segway tour, did the Break Out room challenge, went to a silent disco, did a beer run, rode my first pedal wagon, took a yoga class in the park, stuffed my face at Goettafest, saw new music artists in concert, went to my first comedy festival, took a helicopter tour and swung my first golf club. None of those scream crazy, but they were all new to me and lots of fun.

In between seeking the newest place or best kept secrets in my city, I am always itching for something more. Not because I am not happy with what I have or what is right in front of me, but because there’s a whole world out there filled with people and places we could all learn something from. You not only learn about others, but you surprisingly learn about yourself. Each different experience uncovers something new…a new thought, a new perspective, a new interest. I realize we get more stuck in our ways as we get older because we think we know what we like…but how do you know what you don’t know? #Adventure isn’t about doing something you know you don’t like, it’s about exploring the unknown and learning something along the way. We are the sum of our experiences and the memories we take from them, be it positive or negative. They make us who we are and the only way to keep growing is to keep learning.

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